Sexual harassment is not only harmful, it's costly.

Sexual Harassment Training is being sought out by more businesses and corporations everyday. However, there continues to be increasingly serious sexual harassment lawsuits despite this raised awareness. To add to the problem, recent Supreme Court decisions have made employers more vulnerable to sexual harassment suits than ever before. It is therefore imperative that your workforce goes through Sexual Harassment prevention training at least once a year.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

With 40-80% of working women and 10-15% of men experiencing sexual harassment in their lifetimes, you can be sure the future will bring more eye-opening settlements. How can you eliminate sexual harassment in your workplace? The answer is sexual harassment prevention through education; not litigation.

In addition to the opportunity to order four carefully selected DVDs, this website has the information you need about sexual harassment training, including:

  • How much do you know about sexual harassment?
  • What are the facts?
  • What actions can you take?
  • What do recent court rulings mean to me?

Three of these programs are also offered in Spanish versions.

Sexual Harassment: A Commonsense Approach -

Employee Version - DVD $189.00

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Our most popular sexual harassment training video sets a tone of courtesy and respect throughout your workplace. With experts in the field adding their insights, you'll learn the definition of sexual harassment and see realistic scenes that offer examples of what is—and what is not—workplace sexual harassment. After all, isn't it commonsense?


Sexual Harassment: A Manager's Guide – DVD $845.00

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This Sexual Harassment Training Video/DVD will teach managers how to prevent and resolve claims of sexual harassment, and will guide managers through the investigative process including interviewing the complainant, alleged harasser and witnesses.

Sexual Harassment: New Perspectives
  • Recognize early signs of sexual harassment
  • Prevent and resolve sexual harassment
  • Investigate claims and suspicions

Sexual Harassment: Is It Or Isn’t It? – DVD $845.00

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You can’t assume everyone has the same perception of what sexual harassment is. Nor can you afford to leave any doubts in your employees minds! Eliminate sexual harassment in your organization by training your employees on what constitutes sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment - Is It Or Isn't It?

Sexual Harassment: New Perspectives – DVD $845.00

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The cost of sexual harassment extends beyond the monetary and takes a significant toll on employee morale and retention. This DVD drives home key training points by focusing on the perspective of the victim. Realistic and subtle scenarios in a variety of work settings clearly demonstrate:

Sexual Harassment: New Perspectives
  • The negative impact of sexual harassment
  • The importance of understanding others’ perspectives
  • How to avoid “unintentional” harassment
  • The need for victims to speak up


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